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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Prasad Psycho Corporation
J.1/58 DARANAGAR, VARANASI-221 001 [India]
Phone: +91 542 3291721, Fax: +91 542 2441111 Mobile: +91 9839148488

B-39 Gurunanak Pura Laxmi Nagar New Delhi-110092 [India]
Phone:-+91 11 32903349,42448939 Fax:-+91 11 22465282
Mobile: +91 9810782203

PRASAD PSYCHO CORPORATION can the new RORSCHACH cards and other psychological tests on discounted price. SPECIAL OFFER only for members of Indian Psychologists egroup.

Prasad Psycho Corporation provides best offer’s

Rorschach Test Psychodiagnostik 10 Teflon plate ISBN 978-3-456-82605- 9
Regular Price INR 5500.00 For Member INR 3499.00
INK Blot Test By H. Rorschach INR 13990.00
You can get Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00 FREE
You can get Seguin Form Board with Manual INR 1500.00 FREE

If you Buy Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00
You can get Development Screening Test or Vineland Social Maturity Scale FREE

If you Buy Seguin Form Board with Manual INR 1500.00
You can get Intelligence Test by S. Jalota or R.K. Tondon [Any Age Group] FREE

If you Buy Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00
You can get Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00 FREE

If you Buy Mallin’s Intelligence Scale for Children INR 5500.00
You can get Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00 FREE

If you Buy Wechsler Adult Intelligence Performance Scale INR 4250.00
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If you Buy 16 PF Questionnaire any forms @ 1800.00
You can get Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00 FREE

If you Buy Thematic Apperception Test By Uma Choudhary INR 1500.00
You can get DRAW a PERSON by Adarsh Kohli PGI MMR Chandigarh 1000.00 FREE

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No Change & No cash.
Offer valid for Indian Psychologist members only
This Rate is valid up to March 31st, 2008.
Payment must be pre-paid through ICICI BANK account no. 017105002774
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Offer Rates valid for Individual purchase only not for Institutional or dealers purchase.
You can ask for other offers

Psychotherapists Needed for TARSHI

Hello and greetings from TARSHI!

As some of you may be aware, TARSHI has been running a telephone helpline on Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health that offers information, counselling and referrals on the telephone since 1996. We have received over 60,000 calls from people from all walks of life. More information about the nature of calls can be found on a report downloadable from their website:
Of late, we have been receiving calls from different parts of the country from people who ask for referrals to gender-sensitive, gay-sensitive and sex-affirming Psychotherapists in their cities.

They are looking for information on good Psychotherapists particularly in Kolkata, Bhuvaneshwar and the North East, Lucknow and other North Indian cities, Chennai, Hyderabad and Thiruvanthapuram. However, contact information on counsellors and therapists in any part of the country will be most welcome.
Prabha Nagaraja
Manager - Programmes
(Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues)

'BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK’ March 10-15, 2008

BRAIN IN THE 21st Century

‘BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK’ March 10-15, 2008
Every day 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM



Psychological laboratory of IIT-Bombay, in association with International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), is hosting ‘Brain Awareness Week’ from March 10-15, 2008. They are pleased to announce a fascinating week of activities such as poster presentations, movies, talks and quiz. For six days, they will be uncovering marvels of the human brain. The aim of this initiative is to spread awareness about brain, its functions and malfunctions. So, come and unravel mysteries of Human Brain through this program. The schedules are highlighted below:

Day 1 Mysteries of Brain : Come and ‘learn about your brain’. Have you wondered “What is our brain like?” “How do we sense things around us?” “How do we react to our environment?”
Special Focus: Brain Hemispheres and Nervous Systems

Day 2 Miracles of Brain: Walk-in and understand the ‘complexity’ of brain. Isn’t it a wonder “How we learn and remember things?”, “How do we learn and communicate?” and “How do we solve our problems?”
Special Focus: Learning, Memory, Language, and Problem Solving

Day 3 Misbehaving Brain: Know the facts… Mishaps happen in our lives! “What happens when brain does not develop or function properly?” or “What happens when the brain is injured or damaged?” Also, watch a ‘fascinating movie’ about Brain (from 9.30 AM to 11.00 AM).
Special Focus: Developmental Disorders (autism, mental retardation) , Head Trauma, Brain Injury.

Day 4 Growing Brain: Walk-in to understand how brain changes from Birth-to-Adulthood. From a ‘blob of flesh’, how do we grow up and become ‘smarter’? What happens when the ability to learn is under-developed? Don’t you want to know how we process so much of information around us? And sometimes, why do we feel depressed? What effects do drug & alcohol have on our brains?”
Special Focus: Learning Disorders (Dyslexia), Intelligence (IQ), Effect of Drugs D

Day 5 Aging Brain: Join us to understand how brain matures and functions in special ways from Adulthood-to- Old age. We all enjoy music but do you know “How does our brain react to music?” and everyone grows old, but do you know “Why old people forget things?” Also, watch a ‘fascinating movie’ about Brain (from 9.30 AM to 11.00 AM).
Special Focus: ‘Music’ in the Brain, Dementia (Alzheimer)

Day 6 Maintaining your Brain: Let’s learn how to ‘take care of your brain’. And finally, a Quiz Time to test your knowledge about brain!
Special Focus: Open House Discussion for Students

For further information please contact:
Dr. Azizuddin Khan
Psychological Laboratory
Department of HSS
Indian Institute of technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai – 400 076 (India)
Ph: +91 22 2576 7383 , +91 22 2576 4364

Games on all days
Certificates for participating schools
Prizes for Winners in Quiz
On the spot assessment of Brain Functioning

Asha Counselling and Training Services: A 3- DAY WORKSHOP ON EFFECTIVE PARENTING

Asha Counselling and Training Services
29, C R Sundaram Layout, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore 641045 INDIA.

Phone: 2310520,


Children Learn What They Live new paradigm in parenting Children learn what they live. They are mirrors of their environment. Therefore, parents have a major influence in moulding their children's personality. Often parents end up doing and saying things to their children which they never wanted to. And they ask these questions:
• Why is my child so rebellious and unruly?
• Why is my child so shy and not an extrovert?
• Why is my child not as good as the other?
• Why do my children always fight and quarrel amongst each other?
• Why am I often helpless in controlling my child's excesses?
• Where on earth did my child pick up these habits; this language; these manners?
• Why do I often end up quarreling with my child?
• Why do my children not understand that all I'm doing is for their good?
• I have hurt my children in the past, what can I do about it now?
• Why does my child love to spend more time out with his friends than at home?
• How do I understand my adolescent child?

In this workshop, you shall find answers to several such questions lingering in your mind. You will understand the basics of child development like:
• What is normal for a child in each stage of development
• What can parents do to help the child develop healthily in each stage
• What behaviours of parents could be detrimental to the healthy growth of the child's psyche
• How can parents compensate in later stages, for what has been deprived at an earlier stage and so on….. because in parenting, its never too late!

Date & Time: Wednesday-Friday, March 5-7, 2008,10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Fee: Rs.1100/- per participant or Rs.1800/- per couple
(Fee includes course material, and tea)

Venue: Asha Training Hall

Sharda Jayaraman – 9994100130
Dr. S. Thamilselvi - 9443764646

Cash or Cheque favouring `Centre for Holistic Integrated Learning and Development', payable at Coimbatore.