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Monday, January 12, 2015

Clinical-research interns

Currently, we have openings for 2-3 clinical-research interns. We expect our interns to come up with a ready short-term project in mind for the internship. We have adequate facilities and huge clinical exposure with world standards of care to nurture your interests, and provide opportunities for growth and development in your areas of interest. 

Academic fraternity from Universities based in Delhi-NCR region e.g. Ambedkar University of Delhi, Amity University, University of Delhi [Psychology Applied Psychology], Gautam Buddha University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Jamia Milia Islamia are requested to send nominations and/or encourage students to apply back channel. 

Availability: Interns should be ready for immediate joining, probably in a fortnight's time [January end]. Negotiations regarding mutually convenient timing is permitted. 

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 
I) M.A. Applied Psychology/Psychology specializing in Clinical, Health and/or Counseling areas, with inclination to work in areas of Clinical Neuropsychology, Psycho-Oncology and Clinical Pediatric Psychology and broad areas of Mental Health. 
II) Students with a minimum 60% in their Masters first year/2nd year and above 65% in UGs are only solicited. 

System of Selection:  
i) AHRR-being a centre of excellence in Medical care believes in rigorous system of selection.
ii) Students are required to send their CVs detailing key publications [if any], conference presentations, Tests and scales they have mastery over, and an SOP as to what do they wish to do during their posting. 
iii) A clear agenda and evidence of proven abilities and of mastery over psychological testing and assessment, therapeutics, and a nearly perfect writing and Speaking skills in English and Hindi are clear indications of being a suitable candidate for these positions. 
iv) After careful review by a multi-expert team, interns will be called for a personal interview, and will be subsequently selected for placement, after 1 day induction program. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for. 

About the Centre: 
This newly emerging Centre of Excellence in Brain, Mind and Behavior includes a full-fledged Neuropsychology Lab, Units of Psycho-Oncology, Developmental Disorders and Quality of Life and Wellbeing Research , and Psychotherapy Counseling Clinic.Primary Patient Groups: Oncology [Med, Surg, Radio], Neurosciences [Med Surg], Pediatrics [Intensive Therapeutics and Assessment of Children and Adolescents], Hematology [Leukemia, etc], Radiology [Brain Disorders], Urology [Sexuality and Mental Health] and Gastroenterology [Prolonged Illness and Psychiatric Issues], ENT [Speech Pathology and ADHD] and Rheumatology [Pain Management of Chronic Diseases].
We also Conduct various psychological services [trainings and workshops for allied health professionals-nurses, nursing assistants, as well as for patients and hospital community].
Therapeutic Orientation: Holistic Psychotherapy [Positive Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, CBT, REBT, ABA, etc] based on peace and positivity.  Optimism, hope, UPR is also given its due importance in meaning-oriented intervention system. Strength-based solution focused therapeutics and resilience-oriented counseling is the focus of our team at the hospital and for the community. 

Send your CVs to:

Dr. Maheswar Satpathy, B. Psych [Hons HD], M. Clin. Psy [DU], PhD [UNSW Sydney]
Prestigious Australian Leadership Awards Recipient 
Consultant Clinical Psychologist-in-chief Assistant Professor [Grade-III]
Army Hospital Research Referral [Apex Tertiary Army Hospital of India]  
Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi-110010, India  
Phone: +91-9958932458 
Email Id:

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