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Friday, January 23, 2015

counselor/ shadow teacher

Greetings from KNACK! It is a pleasure to announce that we have started extending our services in Vadodara and Ahmedabad and are hiring counselors, shadow teachers and special educators for the same! Interested candidates please send in your CV at

Qualification Requirements:
Counselor: M.A in clinical or counseling psychology
Shadow teacher: B.Ed or BA in Psychology
Special Educator: B.Ed in special education (MR/LD)

Candidates interested in working with children with special needs may apply.
Training will be provided.

Contact No: 09167240056/58  

KNACK Ability Enhancement Services L.L.P. would like to introduce our services to you. We aim to provide a holistic solution to children with special needs.We request you to refer our services to parents/schools/professionals whom you believe would be benefited from our services.

  Services offered:
  1. Shadow teaching (at school): Our shadow teachers are trained professionals who are physically available with the child at his/her school. This service can be availed for children who have adjustment problems at school, children who have difficulty communicating to the parents regarding the ongoing tasks at school and children who need individual instructions to keep up with school activities.
  2. Counseling (at home): Our counselors provide professional psychological services to children. They assess the child’s functioning using various established tests. Then with the help of the parents and other professionals in the team they formulate an effective intervention strategy aiming to elicit the best possible outcome.
  3. Special education (at home): Our special educators are trained professionals dealing with the academic needs of the child’s overall development. They address the child’s individual differences and needs in order to meet the demands of the curriculum. They cater to the child’s individual needs by organizing learning outside the classroom in a non conventional manner. .
  4. Workshops: At KNACK we believe in increasing awareness and bring enthusiasts closer by means of tailor made workshops addressing the needs of the audience. We wish to promote and broaden our horizons in various areas pertaining to children and adolescents. Our team of experts aim to interact with a number of professionals as well as budding professionals catering to child care. We assume a platform like this will add to the body of knowledge for teams as well as individual participants.

  You can also visit our website Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Ashwini Deshpande
Clinical Psychologist 
Reg No: rci-2014-53159-A 
KNACK Ability Enhancement Services
Gujarat Zonal Head
Mobile: +91 9974383229

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